Redmi 9A – Unmatchable Value For Money


The Redmi 9A smartphone offers a number of exciting features which make it an ideal mobile phone for a corporate professional. The advanced processor speed gives it superior performance in processing applications and the various features like double zoom, image stabilization, high-end camera, dual LED flashlight, high-definition camera, speech recognition, instant messaging support, games support and much more make it one of the most sought after mobiles in the market today. If you are looking for a smartphone which can manage all your tasks efficiently, ensure fast browsing speed and great visual experience, Redmi has it all in its range. Let us look at how to buy Redmi 9A online.

Redmi 9A – gives you a good chance to get hold of a reliable mobile phone at a budget price. It has a powerful MediaTek Helio S5 Octa Core processor, the 2GB of DDR RAM gives excellent performance for launching and running various programs, flipping through different menus and much more. This handset runs smoothly on a medium voltage base giving it extra power. It also gives you two extra gigabytes of storage space from the internal memory and a further gigabyte from the memory card. You can easily add another 32GB via microSD.

Redmi 9A also features a six-point multitouch capacitive multi-touch screen along with a full-immune protection against the hazardous effects of the harmful UV rays from the sun. This is what makes Redmi 9A so unique compared to other handsets. In fact, this handset has received great reviews by reviewers across the world. It is available with a two-year warranty and works on all network types. Apart from this, it comes with a sliding keyboard, a USB cable, an earphone jack, a fast-chargeable battery and runs on a standard four-core Helio 1014 processor.

Redmi 9A offers two unique features which are the reason for its popularity. The first one is its extended battery lifespan which promises a high level of talk time and performance. It features a 6000mah enhanced lifespan battery and is hence capable of delivering prolonged talk times and performance even when the device is under stress. Another unique feature of this handset is that it offers a factory reset/recovery functionality. This feature enables you to turn the Redmi 9A off in order to get back to its original condition. If the original state of the handset fails to work for any reason then this function allows you to bring it back to the original state using a data cable. Redmi 9A

This impressive handset costs $400 in India and is available directly from Flip, BestBuy and other leading mobile retailers in the country. The Redmi 9A price is not surprising and could be compared with the high-end handsets like the iPhone and the HTC Evo Shift which are priced much higher. The low price of the redmi 9a comes as a result of various discounts and offers on online stores. There are also some websites which offer free accessories and value-added services to their users.

The other key selling feature of the device is the powerful octa-core processors which play the role of the brain of the Redmi 9A. The processor ensures optimized performance and hence enables the mobile phone to run applications in a fluid manner. The dual-core processor also ensures high memory performance and the result is that applications load very fast. The amazing Redmi 9A color screen is another attraction which draws the attention of many customers who buy the device. The vivid screen is complimented by an impressive dual-tone ringtone which also enhances the user experience.

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